The Easiest Way To Sell
Beats and Sample Packs

1. Connect your Bank

Using the power of Stripe, we’re able to pay you instantly whenever someone buys your sounds. Connect your bank account or debit card to your profile in minutes.

2. Upload your Sounds

Upload your entire sound bank with a single click. Later you can organize them into packs and sell them for a single price.

3. Profit

Get paid instantly to your account via Stripe when people buy your sounds.

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  • 20 Uploads
  • 1 Sound Pack
  • 30% Platform Commission


  • Unlimited Uploads
  • 15 Sound Packs
  • 10% Platform Commission


  • Unlimited Uploads
  • Unlimited Sound Packs
  • 2% Platform Commission

Become an Early Adopter

By being one of the first to sell your sounds on, you'll recieve a free Enterprise level membership for life. That's unlimited features with only a 2% platform commission. That's right, for life.

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